Being a creative-based company, we have lots of creative people around the shop working on little side projects. This was a fun one we wanted to share for Valentine’s Day. You can do something similar with your kids. We just googled for a high-resolution iPhone image and sized it to the Jelly Belly box we were using. In this case, we did a little advance editing in Photoshop because the Jelly Belly box proportions were a little different from a real iPhone. We added enough black to each side to wrap around the box. Just for fun, we added some little hidden items in the app icons like changing the date to February 14, making a little heart as one of the apps and putting the giver’s face in the You Tube icon. We printed them off from a color printer onto some glossy paper and cut them out. We used some necklace string from a hobby shop for the ear bud cords and Hershey Kisses as the ear buds. The assembly is a fun project to do with the kids and is a hit in the classroom. Think about something like this for next Valentine’s Day or maybe as a birthday party invitation.

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